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Brand Honors

Jinjiang Jianianhua Baby Products Co., Ltd.
(referred to as: Jianianhua company) was established

 Jianianhua Founded
bébéar Brand

bebear brand has become a baby industry
"Baby strap / waist stool / toddler belt 

Leading brand"

bebear strong landing
"China's mainstream media CCTV"

bebear company became
"One of the drafting units for China's baby

carrier industry standards"

Shortlisted for CBME AWARDS
China's pregnant baby industry award for the best travel brand.

Won the 2015 China Pregnancy and Baby Industry Annual Award for “Excellent Maternal and Baby Brand”

Shortlisted as the best travel brand of CBME AWARDS “Most Influential Brand Award”

Received the choice of parenting network mother's word of mouth "Popular Safety Travel Award"

Won the national standard drafting unit for infants and toddlers