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Founded in 1995

bebear was founded in 1995, the company has been developing and innovating a lumbar bench for 23 years. It has always followed the concept of “Industrial Designers and Infant and Child Experts” and is committed to giving the baby a “creative fun” growth environment from design, technology, medicine and many other fields.

Industry leading black technology 

Folding waist stool

In 2017, bebear launched the industry-leading black technology “αX Aviation Aluminum” folding waist stool and obtained the national utility patent. In 2018, the company hosting the bear bears participated in the formulation of two national standards, “Infant Baby Carrier (Bag)” and “Infant and Toddler Belt”, and is one of the drafting standards for maternal and child manufacturing enterprises.

Brand Honors

Since the establishment of the brand, bebear has won more than 26 domestic and international industry awards, and for six consecutive years, together with Babyauto, Joovy, Fisher-price, Picci, Pony and other 40 international maternal and child brands, the "Hong Kong Baby Products Fair - Brand gallery"

Exported to 58 countries

bebear are exported to 58 countries and regions around the world, and maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with 25 internationally renowned mother and baby brands such as AVEN, FERRARI, TNUBY and NUK. In China, there are 17683 offline sales outlets and perfect Online channel layout, the world's 15 million maternal and child families have become loyal fans of the bebear products.