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Hug bear shortlisted for the best travel brand

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(Jinjiang News Network July 23rd) Yesterday, the 14th CBME China Pregnancy and Child Show and Children's Wear Exhibition was officially opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The reporter was informed that the cuddly bear brand under the Jinjiang Carnival Children's Products Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the best travel brand in the 2014 CBME AWARDS China Pregnancy and Baby Industry Awards (referred to as the Pregnancy and Baby Industry Award).
As the only company in Quanzhou that was shortlisted for this award, Yan Chengxiao, the general manager of the company, said that Hug Xiong is one of the earliest companies engaged in R&D and production of baby carriers. For the past seven years, the hug bear has been committed to the development and growth of the baby carrier industry. At present, the hug bear is one of the drafting units of the Chinese baby carrier standard, and it is also one of the few enterprises in China to establish a “baby strap laboratory”.