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Hug bear wins the reputation of Korean moms and mothers.

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Recently, the "2018 Excellent Brand Award", which was initiated by the Korean authoritative media "Moneytoday" news organization and was jointly selected by a number of Korean authorities and well-known media, industry experts and consumers, was unveiled in Seoul, South Korea. With the quality of artisans, the brand of cuddling bears in the maternal and child industry has won the reputation of the mothers of Korea and won the 2018 Excellence Brand Award.

  It is reported that the bebear bear (bebear) was founded in 1995, research and development of innovative waist bench for 23 years, always follow the "industry designer and infant experts" jointly developed the concept, is committed to designing, technology, medicine and other fields to give the baby " The creative environment of creative fun.
   In 2017, Hug Xiong launched the world's first "αX Aviation Aluminum" folding waist stool, and obtained the national utility patent. In 2018, the company hosting the bear bears participated in the formulation of two national standards, “Infant Carrier (Bag)” and “Infant and Toddler Belt”, and is one of the drafting standards for maternal and child manufacturing enterprises.
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