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Hug bear warm heart plan in action Children's first Christmas gift

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Every Christmas, Santa Claus will come down from the big chimney and send gifts for the children. This year is no exception. The cold weather can't resist the enthusiasm of the hug bear mother and baby brand. On December 25th, the hug bear sent the first Christmas gift, the Insulation Cup, to the children of Liyuan Primary School in Shuangming Town, Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, to give the children the love and warmth of the winter, let them Spend a holiday full of joy and happiness.

  The hug bear brand originated from Germany and is dedicated to the research and development of high-end lumbar benches. It has a baby brand of innovative “aviation aluminum” αX structure patented lumbar bench products. Following the design philosophy of “to achieve true restoration of the parent's natural care and embrace, to bring more flexibility, comfort and safety protection to the baby”, Bebear's product line covers the waist stool, Mummy bag, Baby safe travel aids such as trolleys, thermos cups, drinking cups, etc., and exported to 57 countries.

  Hug bear has been caring for every child with the concept of “Technology changes baby travel, just for love”. This time, the hug bear and the love wardrobe launch the warm heart plan, and send the hug bear mug to Jiangxi Yushan. The poverty-stricken mountain areas allow the children of the mountain to drink warm water at school in the winter.

  On the morning of December 25th, the friends of the Jiangxi Pavilion in the Love Wardrobe came to Liyuan Primary School in Shuangming Town, Yushan County, Shangrao City with a Christmas gift with a warm heart. Under the arrangement of the person in charge of Liyuan Primary School, they dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed a hug bear mug for the children. The whole elementary school is filled with the warmth of Christmas. Looking at the children's smiling faces, when a pair of rough little hands took the cup, we felt the warmth from the heart. I hope this love can always accompany them and let them grow up actively and healthily!

  According to the volunteers of the Love Wardrobe, Liyuan County, Shuangming Town, Yushan County is a relatively remote school in the town. It is 22 kilometers away from the county seat and close to Zhejiang. The economy is very backward. Because of the remoteness, the families with conditions are moving out of the village to the nearest Living in the town or in the city, families with labor also go out to work, so 80% of the children in the school are children left behind or children in poor families. Compared with children who grow up in healthy families, these children lack not only material support, but also social warmth.
This time, the hug bear and the love wardrobe warm heart plan have been successfully completed, but the theme of passing love and expressing love never ends. We will always pay attention to the children's dynamics and help in time.