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the black technology of bebear

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What is the black technology of bebear?
  Black technology is a word appearing in anime ("All Metal Frenzy"), referring to sciences and technologies that are far beyond the scope of today's human science or knowledge, lacking current scientific evidence and violating natural principles. Usually, the technologies or products that human beings cannot or cannot produce at present are collectively referred to as “black technology”. The standard is not in line with the real world common sense and the current level of technology, but also refers to some extraordinary and extraordinary in reality. Things or things. Refers to all new hardware, new software, new technologies, new processes, new materials, etc. in life that make everyone feel unclear. Embracing bear black technology products here means that the product design of the hug bear is rich in high-tech content. Based on the three principles of “medicine + ergonomics + educational psychology”, we always adhere to the concept of “technology changes baby travel” and constantly challenge Break through innovation.
What is the αχ stool core?
1. Hug bear is the baby travel brand that is the first to invent and use the “aviation aluminum” waist stool in the waist stool industry. In order to commemorate the contribution of the hug bear designer to the development of the industry, the "aviation aluminum" bench core structure was specially named "αχ structure".
2, as the name suggests, α is taken from the first letter of the ancient Greek alphabet, with the meaning of the first, the first, the capital of the  represents "unknown", often cited in the life as a brand has countless possibilities. The combination of α and  implies that the hug bear brand continues to lead and create the future in the “aluminum structure” technology field.
3, α χ structure bench core is unique, related to its unique materials and processes. It uses a more rugged aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum alloy, which has a low density but high strength, which makes the entire bench core lighter and more resistant to corrosion and scratches.
4. The αχ structure stool core adopts the same anodized aluminum technology as iphone7 in the process. After repeating nine precision processes, the aviation aluminum material is polished into an ergonomic αχ structure, so that it can be assembled and let the traditional lumbar bench It has an ideal "arc" bench core, so as to meet the uniform support of the bench surface, high-efficiency shock absorption, rich elastic sitting and protect the fragile spine of the growing baby.
Nowadays, the hug bear combines the high-quality texture and practical functions, and selects the aviation-grade aluminum alloy with better performance. It has the same CNC CNC machine tool with the same standard as the aviation equipment. After 185 days of the German design team. Polished, original "aluminum core" folding function, redefine the classic. ”
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